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Own a company?
Work at a Company?
...want company?


Hire ComedySportz Utah to entertain your friends, family, co-workers, subordinates, cats. Our show is always tailored specifically to your needs. With over 18 years in the business and literally thousands of shows on us and our players resume's it's a guaranteed great time for you.

Give us a call and choose the best show for you. Request specific players or request the absolute best...


Curt Doussett is an actor and TV host that has appeared in dozens of Movies & Television Shows. His credits include Hazard pay on Discovery channel as well as shows on Nat Geo, Syfy, History, BYUtv and Travel Channel. Curt started improv back in 1999 and has studied at The Groundlings, Second City, UCB, IO West, The Harvey Lembeck Workshop and ComedySportz’s Nation wide.

Curt has performed thousands of shows all across America; and has hosted events in front of tens of thousands of people. Bring Curt Doussett to your next Event!




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